ICT Department Director @ PSE S.A.

He started his career as a programmer, designer, and developer of industrial automatic control systems in Germany. Subsequently, he implemented various IT systems in Polish institutions, companies, and large corporations. Since 2000, he held Head of IT positions with different organizations in Poland or in the region.

Grzegorz Bojar has experience in ICT management in large multinational corporations as well as Polish state-owned companies, such as Ruch S.A. (before it was privatized).

In the course of his career, he carried out a number of business projects related to designing systems – starting with assumptions and objectives, budgeting, process analyses, resource allocation, through system implementation, to designing and stabilizing operating procedures. He dealt with the development of the IT strategy, the organization and reorganization of IT services, and the stabilization of services provided by ICT departments. He has experience in establishing and managing organizations and enterprises.
In the recent period, his main focus has been on cybersecurity and strategic management.
Graduated from the Department of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, specializes in automation.